August 3, 2010

Gone Bowling

Want something to do during an Orlando afternoon storm? Then go ten pin bowling!

I’ve always had something of a love / hate relationship with this game. For a start it was one of the first dates my wife and I went on and for me, there’s always been something not quite right about a game that amuses so many by hurling a ball down an ally to knock ten pins down. I can’t get my head around what it is but I suppose others don’t understand golf either.

As a family we hadn’t been bowling for some time but my daughter requested it as a birthday treat so it was off to Kissimmee Lanes at 4140 W Vine Street to have some fun. The afternoon didn’t start out so well as when we got there they had no record of our reservation for a lane but all was sorted out smoothly after a short time. Tip: If you call ahead to make a reservation …ask for the person’s name at the other end!

Our game only lasted an hour…that’s about as much frustration that I can take, and was punctured with pins actually being hit…occasionally. I’ve attached a short video of the venue…and of my youngest’s bowling style! At least she had fun :)